Lady Gaga to join American Horror Story: Season 5

Hey guys!

Those of you who know me will be fully aware that there are two things I love are Lady Gaga – and FX’s  American Horror Story. In fact, readers of this blog would know those two are things I love as I’ve blogged about both in the past. So when I found out that Mother Monster would be joining the dark and mysterious (and extremely highly talented) cast of American Horror Story – I was more than pleased.


The star-studded singer was confirmed to be a ‘series regular’ for season 5, earlier today – but with no reveal as to what the theme was going to be. All we knew was that she’d be starring in it. That is until, this tweet-

I’m making my reservation, sign me up! Firstly – Hotel! Duh! It’s the cornerstone of horror films, so why it wasn’t previously covered by AHS was beyond me, but it all makes sense now! I personally love Gaga’s acting (little known fact, she’s already been nominated for an Emmy for the Monster Ball in Madison Square Garden), especially her role in Sin City : A Dame to Kill For. But, as all her fans will concur, it wasn’t enough! We wanted more, and perhaps now we’ll get more than what we bargained for! (No complaints, of course!)

A lot of speculation is opening up about this – what’s her acting like? Beyoncé, Rihanna and Nicki Minaj have all taken to the Big Screen – Beyoncé most successfully of course, and while Minaj’s supporting role was next-to-perfect, the movie in general was not well received. I personally hope Gaga’s acting is up to scratch, and that she’s going to be able to stay in the acting game.

A question I’m itching to be answered is that of Jessica Lange. I mean, she said she wasn’t returning, but will she do a cameo? It moght be wishful thinking, but she’s so iconic, and she’s done so much for the show, I just want her to be involved. But maybe Gaga might become a regular for future seasons (if this one goes well). No other cast members have been revealed, but I’m hoping for the regulars – Sarah Paulson, Lily Rabe, Frances Conroy, Angela Bassett and Emma Roberts (at the very least) to be back. Gadbourey Sidibe and Evan Peters are obvious must-haves, and I’m also holding on to the hope that perhaps Zachary Quinto could return! On a serious note, if Lily Rabe scares me like how she did last season by saying she wasn’t showing up and then showing up anyway, I will suffer a heart-attack. I need Lily Rabe.

I’m interested, given her week of beautiful performances – Cheek to Cheek at the Grammys and possibly the best medley of The Sound of Music at the Oscars, so  I’m wondering whether Murphy will commission a couple of songs for the soundtrack – fame sells! Gaga’s so influential, so I wonder if her being plastered onto the soundtrack will make more money for the franchise? I’m onto you, Murphy! Although, anything that brings out new Gaga music is a positive for me so hey ho!

As to her character? I’ve got a theory – Murphy would be an idiot not to take advantage of those pipes. Given the timing of this announcement – after two of her most breathtaking performances – and the theme (hotel), I reckon she’s going to be a headliner at this shady hotel, it’d make sense? But maybe it’s too obvious, so I’m waiting to be surprised!

What do you guys think? Any fervent opinions? Let me know in the comments below! If you’re excited for Gaga’s joining, like this post in support of Gaga’s new acting endeavours! Here’s to a potential Emmy for Lady Gaga!


Suhail x


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