The Willow (Poem)

Hey guys! So I’ve been a bit lost for topics on what to write about, and I remember mentioning in a very early blog post that I love poetry, so I thought I’d share one with you that I wrote a couple of days ago. Let me know what you think of it below, and if you want to see more poetry, just hit the like button!

Bury me by the willow
the old one,with the
weeping leaves
so someone mourns me
even when all else have forgot.

Do it softly, so I
don’t awaken, and
scream with fear.
Lay me down gently,
upon my earthen bed.

Send me away at dusk,
When the birdsong stops
and the meadow is silent.
So that I go down
alongside the sun.

And when it rises,
Oh mama, don’t cry for me.
Remember me in the sweet
honeysuckle scent, the melody
of the sparrow’s song.

When I die young,
don’t tell my lover.
Say I left her for another,
so she can move on. And mama,
bury me by the willow.

cherry blossom


Pop Culture This Week: One Direction, Top Gear and Cinderella

Hey guys! So it’s been a ridiculous month so far, and I think this is my first post of March! Many apologies for not posting sooner, but it’s been quite busy with work and university, so I haven’t really had much time to be posting! I’ve also had midterms at uni which involved to essays (done last minute) so I guess that kinda shunted my posting.

But never mind all of that! For this week has been rich in terms of pop culture updates, and I just couldn’t ignore them! So here we go! Continue reading

Lady Gaga to join American Horror Story: Season 5

Hey guys!

Those of you who know me will be fully aware that there are two things I love are Lady Gaga – and FX’s  American Horror Story. In fact, readers of this blog would know those two are things I love as I’ve blogged about both in the past. So when I found out that Mother Monster would be joining the dark and mysterious (and extremely highly talented) cast of American Horror Story – I was more than pleased.


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(not) Fun Ways to Spend Valentines Day Alone

Hey guys!

valentines day

So it’s almost Valentines day, where couples profess their love for each other and it’s even more socially acceptable to be doing couple-y things in public and it’s super cute and stuff.

For the rest of us (myself included) who live in perpetual loneliness 100% of the time, it’s sickening. Like, why the hell am I supposed to care about your relationship today of all days? Also, I don’t like seeing my couple-friends on a regular day, let alone Valentines day!

BUT FEAR NOT! For I have compiled a list of super-fun-fool-proof things to do alone on Valentines day! (Don’t say I don’t do anything for you guys!)

NB: This is parodical. If you’re looking for real helpful advice I’d say go out and actually find yourself a person instead of looking on wordpress for tips on picking up girls, you’re not getting that here.

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Back to Life?

Hey guys! I haven’t posted an update for ages, and I’m so sorry! Truth be told, I haven’t had that much time to actually sit down and blog. I had a day off today, and I’ve caught up with (most of) my work, so I thought I’d update! The only problem is I don’t actually know what to blog about, so I’m doing a cop-out and just updating you on what’s going on in my busy, yet extremely uninteresting life! On that note, I apologise for the fact that this post may not be as interesting as other posts, but oh well!


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2015 Reading Challenge #1: The White Horse of Zennor

Hi Guys!

This is the first book I’m ticking off from my reading challenge for 2015! Yay! So “The White Horse of Zennor and Other Stories” by Michael Morpurgo is a collection of short stories. It is a children’s book, but I mean, I’m at my family home for the holidays, so I don’t have a very exciting selection. But it was a good read, and I’ll review it below!

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2015 Reading Challenge!

Hey guys!

This post is gonna be super short because, there’s not really much I’m going into.

But first, I redecorated! Yes, I went with a “new year, new look” kinda thing, and I changed my theme. I quite like the balloons and the new tagline (A quote by Oscar Wilde, from The Picture of Dorian Gray, one of my all time favourites). Anyhoo, the theme is new and I really like it (except for that one irritating stray balloon in the middle of the page which moves as you scroll), so it’s staying!

My main reason for writing is (as you’ve guessed from the title), I’m doing the popsugar 2015 Reading Challenge!

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It’s been a year!?

Hey Guys!

It’s been a year! How crazy! Okay, well technically, it’s been a year-and-a-day. I made my first post on the 30th of December, 2013, and it literally feels like only yesterday I sat down and decided to write up my New Year’s resolutions onto a shiny new blog.  I wasn’t too sure what I’d write about here without sounding too clichéd, but I think I’ll review how my year has been on WordPress.

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15 events of 2014: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Hey Guys!

So, it’s the midpoint of December, and the year is almost up! It’s so crazy to think about how quickly the time’s passed, especially considering that this blog is soon going to be one year old (I made my first post as a New Year’s Resolution on a whim, but it looks like I’m still here)! So I thought I’d do a very BuzzFeed-esque post on 2014, and show the best five moments/trends of the year, the worst moments of the year – and of course, the ugliest of 2014!

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