The Willow (Poem)

Hey guys! So I’ve been a bit lost for topics on what to write about, and I remember mentioning in a very early blog post that I love poetry, so I thought I’d share one with you that I wrote a couple of days ago. Let me know what you think of it below, and if you want to see more poetry, just hit the like button!

Bury me by the willow
the old one,with the
weeping leaves
so someone mourns me
even when all else have forgot.

Do it softly, so I
don’t awaken, and
scream with fear.
Lay me down gently,
upon my earthen bed.

Send me away at dusk,
When the birdsong stops
and the meadow is silent.
So that I go down
alongside the sun.

And when it rises,
Oh mama, don’t cry for me.
Remember me in the sweet
honeysuckle scent, the melody
of the sparrow’s song.

When I die young,
don’t tell my lover.
Say I left her for another,
so she can move on. And mama,
bury me by the willow.

cherry blossom


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