Pop Culture This Week: One Direction, Top Gear and Cinderella

Hey guys! So it’s been a ridiculous month so far, and I think this is my first post of March! Many apologies for not posting sooner, but it’s been quite busy with work and university, so I haven’t really had much time to be posting! I’ve also had midterms at uni which involved to essays (done last minute) so I guess that kinda shunted my posting.

But never mind all of that! For this week has been rich in terms of pop culture updates, and I just couldn’t ignore them! So here we go!

Top Gear

So anyone who watches anything to do with the BBC or Top Gear (the nation’s favourite automobile television program) will know that Jeremy Clarkson, the ringleader of the three presenters of the TV show was suspended abruptly after punching one of the producers on set, due to an alleged lack of hot food. Now, after about a week since the incident, we heard nothing from Top Gear producers, in regards to whether he’d reprise his role as the main presenter, but heard nothing. In fact, many dedicated fans (including the Prime Minister, David Cameron himself) stated support for Clarkson, and majority of them signed online petitions to get him re-instated.


Jezza’s off to the JobCentre


Yesterday, however, we received news that Clarkson’s contract would not be renewed, and thus, we now know that he is indeed, fired. I would just like to point out that anyone, in any job, would be fired on the spot for punching someone, no matter who he was. The producer that fell victim to the attack, Oisin Tymon, has stated today that he won’t be pressing charges against Clarkson, but the police investigation is still ongoing! So, things aren’t looking too good for Jeremy Clarkson (or Top Gear’s future ratings).

One Direction

Hearts of preteen girls broke everywhere on Wednesday when 1D member Zayn Malik (the brown one, incase you forgot) announced his resignation from the band. According to reports, Zayn was stressed with the heavy weight that came with being a member of the heartthrob boyband and said in a statement that it ‘doesn’t feel real anymore’. So what’s happening now? Is Zayn starting a solo career? Is he pulling a Bieber and ‘resigning’? We’ll find out soon enough. But if, by some stretch of reality, he does read this – I’d just like to give you some names, Zayn: Beyoncé. Justin Timberlake. Robbie Williams. The holy trinity of solo-ists who started off in a group. I’m jussayin’.


The sight of weeping 12-year-olds is enough to make a grown man cry

Now, Zayn recently said in an interview (post-quitting) that he feels as though he’s ‘let the fans down’. Which is ridiculous, quite honestly, because quitting is his own choice, so stop talking about it, and people are sitting here acting like Zayn Malik is the first person ever to leave a band – move on people! People quit bands all the time, it’s not something new that only 1D fans can relate to. Like, honestly, the band are set to release another album this year, so you know they’ll be fine. Chill. Smoke Pot. Wait.


So, a live action adaptation of Cinderella is hitting theatres (has hit theatres? who knows anymore?!), and the cast, which includes the beautifully timeless Cate Blanchett as Cinderella’s wicked stepmother. Now, in a recent interview with Australian Channel Ten’s Jonathan Hyla, the Oscar-studded star lost her patience with her…less-than-capable interviewer. I’ll let you watch what happened.

I am crying. This is my favourite response – Cate’s face throughout the whole thing! In fact, I watched the full interview, and the interviewer, Hyla, was so awkward, he fumbled through his questions then stated he’d bring a six-pack of beer to break the ice, saying that “I was going to bring like a six pack of beer. You [Blanchett] seem like the type of person that we should just crack open a beer and just have a chat”. Cute, right? Wrong. Blanchett doesn’t drink beer. A good interviewer does their research. Bad move, Hyla. And that’s when Cate suggests they ‘start over’. The whole interview was just ergh – he had so much that he could have asked her, and instead he asks how she got the cat on the leash! Jesus Christ, what a mess. But she responds so brilliantly, it made my week! Here’s to Cate and her sharp words, which leaves no survivors!

So anyway. That’s been this week in pop-culture, and it’s been interesting, with ups and downs and people feeling allsorts of emotions regarding Zayn. But fear not, dear readers, for it’ll all be okay soon! And Winter is Coming! (Game of Thrones, Season 5 on Sunday April 12th, so be prepared for a liveblog? Maybe). Tomorrow is going to be Lady Gaga’s birthday, so happy early birthday to Mother Monster, who will be turning 29 tomorrow! I’m going to try and post once more before March ends, because my target was to post twice a month, and I’ve done soo well so far, I can’t let myself down only three months in! So, until then, good night, dear readers!

Lots of love,

Suhail x



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