Pop Culture This Week: One Direction, Top Gear and Cinderella

Hey guys! So it’s been a ridiculous month so far, and I think this is my first post of March! Many apologies for not posting sooner, but it’s been quite busy with work and university, so I haven’t really had much time to be posting! I’ve also had midterms at uni which involved to essays […]

15 events of 2014: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Hey Guys! So, it’s the midpoint of December, and the year is almost up! It’s so crazy to think about how quickly the time’s passed, especially considering that this blog is soon going to be one year old (I made my first post as a New Year’s Resolution on a whim, but it looks like […]

Music Suggestion Monday: Laurel, OneRepublic & Paloma Faith

Hey guys! So I thought I’d try something new today, which I can do on weekly basis. For those of you that know me (unfortunately), you’ll know I love music and I sing literally all the time. I’ve been told my music taste isn’t too bad, so I’m going to recommend three songs that I’ve been listening […]

Film Review: Devil’s Due (Some General Spoilers)

Hiya Readers! So as the title suggests, today I’m going to be reviewing the recently released Horror Film, ‘Devil’s Due‘. If you haven’t seen it, I’d suggest being careful, I’ll probably have some spoilers in this but they’ll be very generic 🙂 The trailer is below, so do feel free to watch it  before reading […]

This Week in Entertainment: Justin Bieber, Game of Thrones and Oscars

Hello Readers! So many exciting things happened this week which I want to talk about- this includes Justin Bieber’s antics, the release of HBO’s Game of Thrones Season 4 trailer and the Academy Award nominations! So this post will mainly cover the three topics, hopefully each in a little detail. Also, another exciting thing that […]

10 films I’m looking forward to in 2014

Happy New Year, readers! So I was watching The Avengers (beautiful movie) last night in order to kickstart 2014- I’m not cool enough for the parties- and me and a friend were talking about some of the great movies we’re expecting to see on the big screen this year! So without further ado, here are […]