Back to Life?

Hey guys! I haven’t posted an update for ages, and I’m so sorry! Truth be told, I haven’t had that much time to actually sit down and blog. I had a day off today, and I’ve caught up with (most of) my work, so I thought I’d update! The only problem is I don’t actually know what to blog about, so I’m doing a cop-out and just updating you on what’s going on in my busy, yet extremely uninteresting life! On that note, I apologise for the fact that this post may not be as interesting as other posts, but oh well!



So, I’ve been back at uni for about three weeks? Almost a month, I’m not too sure. At first it was exam period, I had two exams, which I passed, so I’m thankful for that! Semester two is now underway and I’ve been trying to avoid my mistakes that I made in the first semester, because I really want to do well at the end of the year! Some examples of bad decisions I made last semester include reading three books (out of twelve) of the Odyssey – I’d not recommend that, and reading three poems out of the whole of Catullus’ collection. Again, probably not the best idea. I was so complacent with my Classics work, and this semester I’ve been on track with the books so far, which is good. Also, I feel like we should address the fact that last semester, I did both my philosophy essays and both my classics essays the night before/on the day they were due in. Yeah, that’s not happening this semester. Granted, I got 2.1’s (equivalent to grade B) for both classics and firsts (equivalent to A) in both philosophy essays, I’m not taking that risk this semester!


I’ve also got a job! Yay! I used to work for this company back home called Explore Learning, and essentially we tutored Maths and English to kids aged 5-15, and I wasn’t too bad at it, I left because of A-Level stress. So, luckily, they were hiring in Leeds, and with my experience, they hired me! I’m only on 10 hours a week, but the work requires a lot of exertion, and it does take a lot out of you, but it’s one of the most rewarding part-time jobs, because you can really tell when kids enjoy having you around . It really makes my day when a kid says ‘you’re really fun Suhail, can I work with you every Monday?” Like, I just really love my job haha!


I’ve also been doing a lot more with my weekends! I work every Sunday, and on Staurdays I’m going to be doing more political canvassing and leafletting for the Lib-Dems (I’m waiting for angry non-Libs to unfollow), so my weekends are literally nonexistent! I’ve been writing for the university newspaper a lot as well, which involves loads of interviewing and event-attending so that’s been fun, but it just takes a lot out of you, and that’s why I haven’t been blogging too much recently. I’m still writing drafts and planning on publishing them when I have the time to finish them up, but for now, I’ve been super busy, and I’m sorry about that!

My next post will probably be something more interesting, so watch this space! Until then, I’m gonna leave you with this question: How’ve you been, dear reader? Is everything okay? How’s work/school? I don’t think this question is asked with sincerity a lot, so that’s why I ask, how are you?


Suhail x


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