Celebrity Gossip: Lady Gaga and Adele to Duet?

Hey Guys!

So, rumour has it that Adele and Lady Gaga are going to release a duet together! It seems almost too good to be true, but we’ve been having hints for a very long time now!


So the singers are supposedly long-time friends, circa 2012 after Gaga commenting on her weight (saying that people shouldn’t focus on the singer’s weight, but rather her confidence and her magnificent voice). Now, a lot of people (including me) have been saying “What the hell’s happened to Adele?” ever since her releasing Skyfall. Well – she’s steadily progressing with her third album. According to sources, it was due for release in Autumn of 2014, but has been pushed forward to 2015.

Now, both singers are exceptionally talented, and I reckon their voices would compliment each others’ very well – but what genre of music would this highly-anticipated duet be? I mean, they both have amazing track records and everyone has extremely high hopes for this. Lady Gaga is undoubtedly a highly eclectic singer – The Fame being filled to the brim with dance Anthems, Born this Way played more darker, electro-rock tracks, Artpop with pop songs, and of course Cheek to Cheek showed us that Gaga can even sing Jazz – really well, at that. Adele, also, has a powerful, soulful voice that she uses for her pop-ballad-esque singles like Skyfall, Rolling in the Deep and Set Fire to the Rain. So is the song going to be a pop-anthem? Maybe something slow and more soulful – Gaga barely does those, but I feel her voice can do it to a really good standard. Well, apparently, Adele wrote part of a ‘piano-led duet’ which she sent to Gaga for ‘her input’, back in November. I mean, it could have meant anything – right? Gaga could just be looking over it and co-writing it? She’s been in the game longer than Adele so she could just be kinda-mentoring her? Right? Wrong.

Or atleast, I want it to be wrong. About three hours ago, Gaga posted this picture onto her instagram:


The pair posted a very bro-like selfie (which is adorable, firstly) but the caption was “Nothing like a Wednesday night bro-down with the beautiful Adele.” And what exactly, does this ‘bro-down’ entail, Gaga? I doubt that Adele would go all the way to America just for some coffee and a lovely little goss with Lady Gaga. I’m hoping that we’re going to hear more from these two soon. So watch this space!

Over to you readers. What do you think of this superstar combo? Do you think they’re gonna release something soon? Let me know in the comments below! Also – this was my first ever celebrity gossip piece. What do you think? Should I do more? Thumb me or let me know in the comments if you want more celeb gossip!

Lots of love,

Suhail x


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