2015 Reading Challenge!

Hey guys!

This post is gonna be super short because, there’s not really much I’m going into.

But first, I redecorated! Yes, I went with a “new year, new look” kinda thing, and I changed my theme. I quite like the balloons and the new tagline (A quote by Oscar Wilde, from The Picture of Dorian Gray, one of my all time favourites). Anyhoo, the theme is new and I really like it (except for that one irritating stray balloon in the middle of the page which moves as you scroll), so it’s staying!

My main reason for writing is (as you’ve guessed from the title), I’m doing the popsugar 2015 Reading Challenge!

If you click the link above, you’ll be directed to the page which tells you more about it. In essence, you have to read 50 books (52 technically, because one is a trilogy) in 2015, and each book must meet a certain criteria – so for example, one of them has to be written by someone under 30, or one has to be a funny book – you get the picture. In fact, I’ll post a picture of the full list below, so you can see what exactly you have to read:

2015 reading challenge

So yeah, hopefully, I’ll stick with this! And What I’m going to do is whenever I finish a book, I’ll post the review of the book on here, with a recommendation, so stay tuned for 50 posts along the year in regards to the 2015 reading challenge!

Until then, take care – and I want to read some of these with you! If you have any recommendations which fit the bill for any of the following categories, leave it in the comments section, so you can make my life a whole lot easier! And, as always –


Suhail x


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