15 events of 2014: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Hey Guys!

So, it’s the midpoint of December, and the year is almost up! It’s so crazy to think about how quickly the time’s passed, especially considering that this blog is soon going to be one year old (I made my first post as a New Year’s Resolution on a whim, but it looks like I’m still here)! So I thought I’d do a very BuzzFeed-esque post on 2014, and show the best five moments/trends of the year, the worst moments of the year – and of course, the ugliest of 2014!

The Bad – the things that we could have done without, period:

5. The Chainsmokers – #SELFIE

Okay, so firstly, I love taking selfies, don’t get me wrong, they’re fun and I look fantastic – but this song was just too much. I mean, yes, we get it, you need to bitch about everyone in the club and interrupt each other by taking selfies. Also, I guess what irritated me the most was they didn’t really sing, it was like talking rhythmically. Highly irritating, and thus absolutely mind-bogglingly catchy and fun to sing. Yeah, don’t lie to me, you all sung along to it.


That shit was insane. Everywhere I looked, people were screaming at their phones trying to get the ugly-ass bird through as many of the pipe things as they could. And of course, it was mega hard, so everyone just got so infuriated over it! Then there was the fiasco of it getting removed from the app store so bitches were selling their phones (with the app installed) for crazy amounts of money – the whole thing was a hot ass mess.

3. Nash Grier

So the Nash Grier craze continued through 2014, but the lowest point of his mindless ‘comedy’ for me would be his homophobic vine and his tweets using homophobic slurs like “faggot”. It’s 2014 people (almost 2015) – stop using gay as an insult!

2. Justin Bieber’s arrest

Of course, in January, Justin got arrested for DUI? Street Racing? Resisting Arrest? All of the above? Who even knows anymore… Ah well, not much we can do now, especially considering he paid his way out of prison, hooray for rich white boys! In all seriousness, I can’t believe he’s still doing these things, but whatever.

1. Ferguson

The ongoing ‘unrest’ in Ferguson, Missouri that’s been going on since the shooting of Michael Brown in August has been the lowest of this year, in my opinion. It’s so awful because you’d think that racism is something that we can consider no longer prevalent in society. However, it’s obvious that racism still exists, and the injustice towards black people all over the world is getting to a highly versatile stage. It’s awful because when you think about how good 2014 has been for LGBT, it’s been awful for people of colour.

 The Ugly – We’ll look back and giggle on this:

5. ALS Ice Bucket Challenge



So the ALS ice bucket started off as a cute and fun way to raise money for ALS (or MND here in the UK) but anyone with a facebook account (or eyes) saw it spiralling out of control – with everyone doing it. At first it was the odd celebrity, but soon it became any regular Joe dousing themselves in icy water. Seriously, youor great dowager aunt probably did it. But it was funny to watch, and for a good cause so, we’ll kinda miss it.


4. Frozen-mania



Now before I lose a whole bunch of followers, I’m gonna put it out there that I loved this film. It was fun and had cool characters and songs but once I was hearing the songs on the radio for months on end, and seeing cheap Frozen merch all over the place I was grew more and more bored of it. I guess Frozen is the literal embodiment of overplayed. But I guess I should just let it go, ’cause for the first time in forever Disney made a good film (sorry Tangled, I love you too)

3. Solange and Jay-Z’s fight



The show-down between Jay and Solange Knowles was arguably one of the best moments of 2014. Solange’s reason for beating him down in the elevator remains one of life’s greatest mysteries – but they supposedly reconciled soon after. Either way, the whole thing was a big mess, and no good for Queen Bey’s public image, being caught between the two. Also, can we talk about how the biggest mess from the whole thing was Solange’s awful dress.

2. The Kim K Game



The Kim K game swept nations this summer as everyone seemed to be hooked. Forget actually travelling on holiday – going from California to Miami for a photoshoot, followed swiftly by a trip to KARDASH in NYC seemed to be enough for the masses that downloaded Kim’s new game. Don’t lie to yourselves, you all tried to get the A-List. But my question is what the hell happened to it? After August no one talked about it – nothing heard, nothing said. Maybe thats why she did the Photoshoot, another talking point in her extravagant life (no one slays as she does).

1. Pharell Williams – Happy

Now, I wasn’t too keen on Pharrell, after his appearance on the ghastly Robin Thicke song – but Happy seemed to be a nice change, quite the opposite to Blurred Lines. He basically took “if you’re happy and you know it” and made it…more fun? I loved it, until the music video was 24-hours long (talk about overkill), and once it was overplayed to death, he lost me. But, I’ll look back over it in five years and probably love it.


The Good – What we’ll miss from 2014:

5. The Oscars!

Almost everything from the Oscars was so adorable this year (besides of course, John Travolta’s ‘FrozenGate:2014’ mispronouncing Idina Menzel’s name as Adele Dazeem. Beautifully done, John). From the Oscar-Selfie to Lupita’s, Cate’s and Jared’s wins, Jennifer Lawrence falling over again, and Ellen’s brilliant hosting, the whole night was perfect, and I loved it. Look back on it and smile, guys!

4.  Taylor Swift’s new album was a big middle finger to the media


Taylor Swift rose above all media criticism of her being obsessed with dating guys and breaking up with them and writing songs about them. Her newest album, 1989 displayed a new grown up Taylor, who proved to care about her fans and not what the media thinks. You go Taylor, four for you!

3. Conchita Wurst won Eurovision 

The singer swept the continent during the Eurovision Song Contest, despite recieving criticism from many people because of her un-traditional and unorthodox image. Needless to say she won the hearts of viewers and listeners with her song “Rise Like A Phoenix”, and recently released her newest single, “Heroes”. I smell a grammy soon (I hope). Here’s to you, Conchita!

2. Emma Watson’s UN speech on Women’s Rights

Emma Watson delivered a heartfelt, insightful and wise-beyond-her-years speech at the UN Press conference when she showed the world how important feminism is to everyone – not just women. and tore down gender roles while explaining them in an articulate yet poignant way. Hats off to our lovely Emma, and here’s to many, many more speeches from you!

1. LGBT+ Rights/Pride

2014 seems to have been the year of LGBT pride! The Grammys showed a group of same-sex couples marrying while Macklemore performed “Same Love”, and many other events took place to show how important LGBT is to us: Jared Leto’s academy win portraying a trans woman, to Conchita winning Eurovision and outings like actress Ellen Page, youtuber Connor Franta and Apple CEO Tim Cook embracing their sexual identities with the world. Courts in Alaska, Arizona, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Montana, Nevada, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Utah, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming, and Illinois striking down gay marriage bans (making it legal in 33 out of 50 states) and the legalisation of gay marriage in the UK back in March, I’d say it’s been a good year for the gays.


So, that’s my view of 2014. What are you guys gonna remember from it? Let me know below, and here’s to another year (hopefully less messy and chaotic) ahead!


Suhail x


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