Why it’s so important that Bianca wins the Apprentice 2014

Hey guys!

So I haven’t posted since I got into university, which sucks, but I just have to say this right now because it’s in my head and it’s irritating me so much. Last Wednesday was the penultimate Apprentice episode, which anyone who knows me will know is something I get very vociferous over.

Anyway, incase you missed it (and/or don’t watch it but for some reason continue to read this pointless blog post) out of the five remaining candidates, the two that proceeded to the final were Bianca Miller and Mark Wright.

I’d also like to point out, before we get into the main argument in regards to the title of this blog, how irritated I am at the way that Ricky Martin (winner of the Apprentice a couple of years ago) had the nerve to say to Roisin, “Lord Sugar isn’t looking for an accountant, he’s looking for a businessman.” Like excuse you, Mr. Martin, but the last winner of the apprentice (who had a far better plan than you did, and also who won more tasks than you) is in fact a Medical Doctor, who proved to be an amazing businesswoman – you don’t need a degree or sparkly little “I’m a businessman” certificate to show that you have business acumen, I’m going to need you to sit down or get out, and bring back Margaret Mountford (or as I like to put it, a competent interviewer and businesswoman).

Now that’s over, here are the reasons why Bianca Miller needs to win this year’s Apprentice. Firstly, am I the only one getting tired of hearing Mark Wright’s voice? I mean, we all know what he’s going to say when he opens his mouth – either he’s going to praise himself, insult Daniel, or make another misogynistic comment/joke at the expense of one of the girls. Pleasingly, as he displayed in Week 10, there’s a possibility of him opening his mouth and no words coming out (I hope that happens in the final, that would be so good). Anyway, I feel like Bianca is so much more professional than he is, she isn’t about the bullshit, she says it as it is (much to the dismay of quintessential ‘alpha-male’ types such as James and Sanjay) – which is seen as a character flaw in her.

This brings me to my next point. I will fight anyone who says Mark is a better person than Bianca. Mark has a shitty personality. He’s the best salesman I’ve seen in the process, and he knows what he’s talking about – but he’s just such an awful person, I feel myself getting angry every time I  see him on screen. However, according to this article from the Mirror, portrays Mark less negatively than Bianca.

Bianca is described in the article by former contestant Sanjay as playing “a negative game” and picking “on other people’s flaws”. Well, I’m sorry Sanjay, I didn’t realise a reality competitive TV show would result in flaws being picked out. And let’s not go into the unsubstantiated “negative game” comment. The Article goes on to say that Bianca offered “the most withering put-down of the series” just by suggesting (not even explicitly) calling James a fool. Which is ridiculous, considering all the disgusting and awful things that have been said between Mark and Daniel, and Mark and anyone to be quite honest, I just found this article ridiculous. It continues to portray Mark as one of God’s gifts to business, and here are some of the ways Mark is described:

  • “Like all good apprentices, Wright is not short of confidence”
  • “The Apprentice alpha male”
  • ” has made quite the impression on viewers”

It just infuriates me – Bianca bursts out one time to James (who is an idiot, period.) And suddenly she’s the Lilith-bitch-demon-queen of the series, whereas Mark’s petty drama with Daniel clogs up 75% of the series and suddenly he’s the supreme apprentice shoo-in. It makes me sick.

But let’s talk about business plans. Bianca has actually found a gap in the market – something that consumers need and are willing to pay money for. Her coloured hosiery plan intends on manufacturing nude-coloured hosiery that women of colour can wear and buy from retailers. Now most men and white women won’t understand the necessity of this, or how desperate a market this is but I really believe she’s on to something. Mark on the other hand is taking something that he’s done well working for someone in and starting over for himself, which I get. But I feel like the whole point of the Apprentice is to bring a new and unique business idea to Lord Sugar, not merely a regurgitation of what you’ve been doing for your whole career.

Also, I feel like out of the existing pool of winners we’ve had enough cocky white-male types. In fact, out of the nine winners so far only one was black, and he was back in season 1.

I feel like if Bianca won, it’s a really important example of how you can be a successful businesswoman of colour in today’s age because both are hugely underrepresented in media, and young people need to see these figures in mainstream media.

The apprentice final is at 9PM tonight on BBC1, so we’ll find out who wins tonight! Until next time –

Suhail x


4 thoughts on “Why it’s so important that Bianca wins the Apprentice 2014

  1. Agree completely with your analysis with mark, and, having just watched the final on catch up, thought I’d give you my take on proceedings.

    Firstly, I have to say as an overall comment on the show, it seems to have lost the mojo it had in earlier seasons. All too often I found myself thinking it was more a case of who was the best of a bad bunch each week, and which team actually deserved to lose less than the other one. I think the fact the eventual winner was on the losing team seven times speaks volumes (though being no statto, I’ve no idea how past champions have fared losing wise. I would hazard a guess they didn’t get beat as many times). Anyway I digress. Onto the final.

    I still find it hard to understand why Mark made it all the way. His business plan was more of an “I’m doing this job at the moment. Will you just pay me to do it for you” type affair. And no one seemed to ever pick him up on his at times brash assertions like the glaring one in the final where he simply said “I know more about online marketing than anyone”. Excuse me? Really? The same way you know London very well as you’ve lived here for two years (one of his earlier equally ridiculous boasts in the week they needed to navigate there way round town to buy various items). The guy is a bullshitter and a braggart. Someone who will happily conduct a character assassination on his fellow contestants or slyly manipulate his way into a more favourable role on any given task. So hang on, i should stop there. He has everything it takes to be a success in business. But I find myself asking at what cost?

    Bianca in contrast, was worthy of her place given that the two front runners for me prior to their firings, Katie and Roisin, were no longer around. However, once she decided that her tights were going to cost what may as well have been a million pounds a pair, it was clear that, despite Mark’s business plan being vastly inferior in so far as it’s just taking a business model that has been out there for years and convincing Lord Sugar that he was God’s gift to online marketing, Bianca was heading for the runner up spot.

    Yes, she did try to do a u-turn by suggesting that maybe they could be flogged at £6 a pair rather than the ridiculous £35 she first came up with, but by then it was too late. Mark, who, to be fair, can sell (but was told off for lying about his prowess in online advertising earlier in the process), had done enough to win the prize. That said, one can’t help thinking again at how lame the show has become. In the pas we’ve had inventors and people with start up ideas that were genuinely original. What have we got now? Someone who has simply taken the business he is in at the moment and asked Lord Sugar to invest because, wait for it, he has a unique selling point. That’s right folks – he’s going to make it a personalised service! Who knew that such a thing existed (er, pretty much everyone who works in the service industry and is any good at what they do, that’s who).

    The hairdresser who allegedly pledged to spend £3,000 a month on Mark’s service (that’s an awful lot of haircuts before you make a profit) just to get onto page one of the Google research results would surely want more than the once a month visit that Mark was pledging to put into his SLA or whatever he’s going to call it. Why, for three grand a month I;d want to see you at least every ten days, probably more until I realised you’re actually not offering anything that isn’t already out there – and probably charging me a lot more for the privilege (I know business that spend c. £4-500 a month for a similar service).

    All in all, I deleted the show from catch up feeling pretty underwhelmed. I was genuinely happy for Tom the Inventor when he won. He was a bit quirky, a bit different, yet fought his corner because he was able to bring something different to the table. Dr. Leah, the Irish cosmetic skincare queen, also had a bit about her in terms of business prowess. She felt credible, likeable and knowledgeable without ever coming out with crass statements like “I know more about cosmetic surgery and skincare than anyone else in the universe ever” – something that, had Mark been in that business, he;d have happily rolled out week after week in between times of belittling and denigrating his fellow contestants. Still it’s over now, and, not only does Mark have a £250,000 investment to look forward too, it would seem by looking at Ricky Martin and Dr Leah’s cameos on the after show that free orange spray tans and Botox treatments are up for grabs too, if he fancies them. Seriously what have they done to themselves? Leah’s forehead was as stiff as a board and they both looked like extras from a Tango ad.

    Apprentice, you need to find your way back to the heady heights of earlier years or quietly fade into the ‘where are they now’ distance, a bit like I predict Mark will within a year of being with Sugar. He talks a good game, but he’s in a game that already has plenty of established players and won;t find that your average hairdresser or builder really has three grand a month to throw his way in return for tea and biscuits once a month.

    • Absolutely agree with your analysis on so many levels – out of all the seasons I’ve watched tis was, by far, the worst. I think you’re spot on, thank you so much for commenting! 🙂

      • You’re welcome. The other funny thing is that no one thought to check if any domain names relating to climb online are available. Apparently, they’re all taken, or at least the most obvious ones. He lost me when he said he knows more about online marketing than anyone. That’s a massive claim to make, and a dodgy one when you’ve only got just over two years’ experience in that field.

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