What to take on Holiday

Hey Guys!

So, tomorrow morning, I shall be going on holiday to Canada! I wanted to make a blog post before I left, so I thought I’d do a “what to take in your hand-luggage” post, because it fits. Also, I know that holiday season is almost over, but hey, some of us go late!

So yeah, here’s what I’m putting in my hand luggage!


Okay, so firstly, I’d like to just confirm that the little golden packets are not condoms, they’re motion sickness tablets, ya lil nasties.

Which brings me onto number one of my list- sickness tablets (and any other tablets/pills/medication you may need). As a kid, I used to get really really sick on cars, planes, boats – anything that involved movement at a pace faster than walking. It carried on until I was about 13/14 so I don’t generally need them nowadays (a couple of years ago I did a full 12-hour American road trip and didn’t get carsick), but I take the tablets just incase, for my own peace of mind. I’m also taking my allergy tablets, because anything from cats to pollen to dust can set them off, and I’d rather just be safe than sorry.

I’m also taking some deodorant – I have a one hour flight from Birmingham to Dublin, then an eight hour one from Dublin to Toronto, and I’ve heard the plane is very small. Deodorant is a must-have on any long journey. I’ve also got some VapoRub because my ears always pop on flights – and my way of countering that is a mixture of chewing gum and VapoRub, which generally works for me. Tip: Make sure you’ve taken travel sized cosmetic products, especially if they’re liquid based, I recommend getting anything under 100ml, because you won’t ever lose those.

I’ve also got some gum and polos because I don’t have toothpaste which is sized for travel. I’ve got a tube in my regular luggage but not one I can carry onto the plane, so in order for me to have fresh breath, I’ve got some spearmint polos! Also the gum is super useful for popping ears.

I’ve taken two books, my copies of Dracula and the Picture of Dorian Gray, the latter being my favourite book of all time. I have an eight hour flight and then a two week holiday, so those should suffice. Also in terms of entertainment, I have my kindle. It’s the thing that looks like a leatherbound bible or something right on the far left. I’m not taking my laptop, so the Kindle Fire HD is a suitable tablet substitute. Laptops are heavy and they’re a hassle, so I’ll be doing all my holiday blogging from my kindle (mobile blogging scares me to be honest). So yeah, I recommend tablets over laptops when it comes to travel.

Sunglasses and Headphones are two key components to any holiday. The headphones I have are pretty cool, as they can be used wirelessly, which is so useful when it comes to travelling because you don’t have to worry about the wire being caught on seatbelts or getting tangled, which makes life soo much easier. I also have a spare pair of earplugs (not pictured) just incase.

I’m lucky because my mobile, wireless headphones and kindle all can be charged with the same charger. I keep the charger in my hand luggage because it’s likely that in airports there may be charging points so I could use the one charger for any of my items, should the need arise.

I’ve obviously got a hairbrush which is travel-sized, should I fall asleep on the plane and my hair looks like a mess (I promise I don’t have vanity issues).

Okay so this is a bit weird, but I’ve got a couple of pens with me. Now, I always keep pens on my person when I leave the house, just incase. I never know if I have to fill out a form, or write something down somewhere, I guess it’s just a quirky force of habit. So yeah, gotta have pens.

And finally, my wallet, because I’m literaly going to spend so much money over there, I’ll come home broke (until my student loan rolls in).  I’m leaving my debit card hidden at home though, just incase I lose it in Canada, and also there’s no point taking it as I wouldn’t be able to use it for purchases.


So there you have it folks, my list of things in my hand luggage. Have I missed anything out? Leave it in the comments below! My next post will be in Canada, and for the next two weeks I’ll become a travel-blog, and I’ll keep you all updated on any places I go/things I see! Until then, good luck, and safe journeys!


Suhail x




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