Music Suggestion Monday: Laurel, OneRepublic & Paloma Faith

Hey guys! So I thought I’d try something new today, which I can do on weekly basis. For those of you that know me (unfortunately), you’ll know I love music and I sing literally all the time. I’ve been told my music taste isn’t too bad, so I’m going to recommend three songs that I’ve been listening to a lot for the past week! (Hopefully you’ll like my music taste, but we’ll see :P)

Love Runs Out, OneRepublic

Album: Native

Released: 4th June 2014

Buy it: here


So my first song is ‘Love Runs Out’ by OneRepublic, from their latest album, Native. It’s a fast-paced pop-rock song, with very strong vocals from the lead singer, Ryan Tedder. The song matches (if not surpasses) the quality of the other tracks from the album, I’d go so far as to say that it’s their best so far. Aside from the infectiously catchy chorus and beat, the lyrics from the song are also up to OneRepublic’s high standard, (is it me or do all of their songs make you think?). The music video is quite strange, however, this is normal for the band. Overall, I seriously recommend this song, as I’ve been listening to it a lot this past week.


Trouble With My Baby, Paloma Faith

Album: A Perfect Contradiction

Released: 11th August 2014

Buy it: here


My next song is by one of my favourite songstresses, Paloma Faith. I actually have had this song stuck in my head since the 11th/12th, and for good reason! ‘Trouble With My Baby’ is a jazz-pop song, with strong brass instrumentation, including trumpets and the saxophone which is amazing, because it’s so rarely seen much in today’s music. Faith’s powerful vocals are so evident in this song, and complimented very well with the backing vocals. In short, it’s a powerfully beautiful song, (fun to dance to) and boasts the singer’s vocal range very well. The music video shows Faith performing the song in a nightclub, with flashes of her relationship with the man referenced in the song title. Props to her hair and wardrobe team, because she looks so great throughout the whole video. But this is a must-listen, and one of Paloma’s finest songs.

To the Hills, Laurel

Album: To the Hills EP

Released: 17th March 2014

Buy it: here


Okay so my final song is one I actually discovered recently. It’s an indie-folk song which  I’m so in love with, because the singer’s vocals are so powerful but ethereal, they’re very mysterious and otherworldly. The music itself is paced quite slow, especially compared to the two previous songs, but it’s still very unique in a sort of unearthly manner. The music video is confusing, I won’t lie, but I wasn’t really paying attention to it, I was too drawn to the song! So yeah, a nice slow-ish song, which I fully recommend!


So those are my three songs this week, stay tuned for next Monday (if I have access to the Internet, I’ll have just landed in Toronto then) for more musical suggestions! In the meanwhile, what do you think of my three? Which songs have you been playing on repeat a lot this week? Let me know in the comments, and as always, please give this post a ”like’ if you enjoyed it 😀



Suhail x



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