Gay Rights?

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So, this post is going to be slightly more serious than my previous entries that I’ve written. Recently, the whole “gay rights” issue has been popping up in the media, with the attempts of the legalisation of gay marriage and it’s recognition in the eyes of court/law. Also, a few weeks ago was Pride Week, where many members of the LGBTQ+ community and their straight allies celebrated homosexuality and showcased their pride on being gay.

But we see a lot of homophobia against the idea of homosexuality in general, and the notion of gays getting married. Do the people who are so fervently against the concept of two men in love have any valid argument against homosexuality? Well that’s what this post will look into! Do anti-LGBTQ+ protesters have any grounds for their  claims?

NOTE: I’m probably gonna lose a whole bunch of followers for this, so if you know you’re against homosexuality, I invite you to stop reading now. However, I would prefer it if you did read on, especially if you’re against the LGBT community,  just so you can tell me how bad my arguments are. I’m not going to force anyone to support any point of view, everyone has their own, I’m just talking about my own personal views right now. But, enjoy!


Argument: Gays shouldn’t get married because they can’t have children!

Well. If we’re using that argument……Old people shouldn’t be allowed to marry.

If we’re going to seriously bar two women from marrying because they can’t naturally have children, then surely we should marry two people over the age of 65-ish from marrying. I mean, surely a woman over a certain age stops producing her eggs so she can’t have children. And we’re using the Roman Catholic premise that marriage is for the sole purpose of procreation, so using that same dogma, we shouldn’t authorise elderly marriage.

My point is, at least gays can use methods like adoption or surrogacy or IVF or whatever to get a child – elderly people don’t even marry for children, but for companionship. Why are we so hung up on the fact that you need to have children to validate marriage. What about straight couples who choose not to have kids? Barren women? Should they be unallowed to marry? ‘Of course not!’ you cry, because you realise how ridiculous an argument that is.

Argument: Being Gay is unnatural! Man and Woman, that’s what’s normal!

Dear friend, what is normal is dictated by the majority. The majority of the population is right-handed. Thus, right-handedness is normal. (Fun fact: the Victorian schoolteachers would beat children who wrote with their left hands as they were considered abnormal. But alas, we digress).

Similarly, we only perceive heterosexuality to be normal/natural because that’s been the due course of things for so long, we’ve grown to accept it as the only viable/true way of doing things. However, can we take a moment to define “unnatural”?

“Unnatural” is defined twofold,

  1. Contrary to the ordinary course of nature; abnormal. and
  2. Not existing in nature; artificial.

So if we’re going to use the “unnatural” argument, let’s use it correctly. Wearing clothes is unnatural. We don’t see it in nature- no animal or plant wears clothing. It’s unnatural. Healthy monogamous relationships are also unnatural, Black Widow spiders eat their sexual partner after intercourse, and about 90% of mammals have polygamous relationships, including lions, horses, hippos and mice – they won’t stick to one sexual partner, and in fact have many at once.

But guess what is natural- homosexuality in animals. Swans, ducks, dolphins, apes, lizards, monkeys and sheep are just a few of the species that undertake homosexual relationships with others. A little known fact about elephants – their mating relationships are often polyamorous and short-lived. However, male elephants will often have intimate sexual relations with another male, and this generally lasts for many years as opposed to the fleeting heterosexual relationships (how’s that for a kick in the balls?)

My point in this is that being unnatural isn’t bad – our whole lifestyle is artificial as opposed to natural. Don’t confuse the term “natural” with “normality”. And Mark Twain says this about normality: “Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.” So, the whole argument that being gay is wrong because it’s not normal is unfounded. The next person to use that argument against a gay can expect me retorting with the notion that left-handedness is equally immoral due to the fact that majority people aren’t left-handed.

Argument: I’m cool with gays/lesbians – just I don’t wanna see them kiss/hug in public…

And I am just as sure that gay people don’t want to see straight people’s public displays of affection in public either. But have they complained? Nope. So you shouldn’t either.

Argument: What do we tell the children?

If I’m going to be blunt, why don’t we tell them about the important things instead? Why don’t we tell our children about the staggering rates of underage pregnancy, of drug addicts, of the dangers of smoking and alcoholism? Why don’t we teach our children not to be misogynistic and racist, and to treat everyone equally. I’m just saying, look at the bigger picture here.

Kids are smart. Majority of them can figure out that there’s no difference between a man and a woman being in love, or a man and a man being in love. If you don’t believe me, here is a video by YouTube users TheFineBros (Benny and Rafi Fine) of a group of children aged 5-13 reacting to gay marriage.

If your argument is truly and sincerely that you’re worried about how to tell the children and that’s your only reason for holding back – I suggest you not worry about that. Children are remarkable, and this video shows the pure acceptance most of them have. This, if anything shows that children are born accepting, and are taught to hate.

Argument: The Bible/Quran/Torah says…….*insert quote*

To everyone who’s about to throw Scripture at me, hold on for like three seconds.

If you’re about to quote the Old Testament of the Bible (aka the Torah) at me; I want you to first go into a bathroom or an empty room. Take of your shirt and read the label. What’s it made of? Poly-Cotton? Wool Blend sweater? Viscose-Leather jacket? Silk-Chiffon skirt?  If any of your wardrobe applies to this, then you’re an abomination. Because Leviticus 19:19 says you shouldn’t wear clothing woven from two materials.

Also, Muslims who’re about to quote the Quran at me, I come from a Muslim family. And we all know the sexism we could pick out from several Ayahs of the Quran. Some of these include the fact that men may beat their wives (Surah An Nisa, Ayah 34), women get half the inheritance of men (Surah An Nisa, Ayah 11), etc etc – so if we’re using books written thousands of years ago to validate hate towards gays, then we’re on the wrong path, friends.

Jesus/Muhammad/Guru Gobind Singh and practically each prophet from every religion teaches love above all else. If homosexuality is a sin, then Jesus said “He who is without sin shall cast the first stone”. So basically, whoever has never sinned has permission to reprimand the sinners (in this case, the gays). I’ll leave that for you to mull over.

Argument: It’s their choice to be gay so that’s why God condemns them, isn’t it?

If anyone asks me this in real life my choice response is:

“Choose to be gay. Right now. Choose to become homosexual because according to you, it’s a lifestyle choice.”

No one chooses to be gay or straight, and you can’t change your orientation. Many medical schemes were tried, like aversion therapy or even exorcism. But they didn’t work because obviously, you can’t help who you are attracted to/who you love.

Argument: Yo bro, I ain’t gay man, why should I care about gay rights?

If I’m honest – you don’t have to. Not at all. But the amount of times I’ve seen a trans* person being referred to as the wrong gender due to ignorant people around them is far too much to be taken lightly. The amount of times I’ve seen a gay person been called “queer, tosser, fag, queen, etc” is far too much to be ignored.

Being against LGBT+ rights is strange to me. It’s like going to an ice-cream truck and ordering vanilla, but seeing the person in front of you with strawberry. And because you don’t like strawberry, you have to go and stop him from enjoying his ice cream, just so you don’t have to see the strawberry ice cream.

Use that analogy. Actually think it through and you’ll realise how ridiculous anti-LGBT sounds.


Anyway, I’m sorry for the rant. But it had to be said. I just don’t understand how/why people can be against LGBT+ rights. Do you agree with me? Don’t you? Did I miss out an argument? Leave it in the comments section below. Please like and reblog this if you did enjoy reading it, and maybe agree with my points. But until next time, I’ll see you around!


Suhail x


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