Top 10 Moments of Orange Is The New Black: Season One

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See, I’m already posting regularly(ish) now! This post is a really special one for a TV show I absolutely adoreOrange is the New Black. If you haven’t watched it already, then I suggest you stop right now and go watch it! Although, I do recommend discretion, there’s a lot of violence/nudity and stuff so yeah. But, if you do watch it, you’ll know that the new series comes out in a week today! That’s June 6th, for anyone wondering! So, in order to celebrate the second season coming out, I’ve picked my top ten moments from season one, below!

No. 10 – Red’s rage at the Russian Ladies



I almost cried with laughter when she lost it at the stuck-up wives of her boss, it was amazing! Also followed closely by the ever-so-famous “tit punch” that ruined an expensive boob-job, which completely increased my love for Red’s character tenfold.

No. 9 – Alex and Piper dancing to “Milkshake”

tumblr_n69038xEia1s1k1gso1_500Literally one of the cutest scenes I have ever seen, look how cute and happy they both look! It was so fun, until Pennastucky went to Mr Healy. But I think this is also one of my favourite moments of the Piper/Alex dynamic.

No. 8 – Crazy Eyes throwing her pie for Piper

tumblr_n4zr7ihbbC1sccssko1_500So when Crazy Eyes threw her pie at Alex to stop her from harassing Piper, her “Prison Wife”, she literally went ballistic. An I conic scene and at this moment I realised I loved this character.

No. 7 – Taystee dancing after being released from prison

tumblr_n5w858BQak1sofwnto2_500Literally everything Taystee does makes my roll around with laughter. There was something about this scene, whether it was the gaiety of it, or the reaction of the exasperated guard ushering her into the coach, it just made me laugh.

No. 6 – “Don’t be fuckin’ with Harry Potter”

tumblr_myvyve1DfS1toh0n6o1_500Literally, I think this is my new life motto. I love the scene where Taystee is directing the new inmate with regards to the library and doesn’t let her read Harry Potter. As a massive fan of Harry Potter, I found it brilliant.

No. 5 – Poussey snaps at Tiffany (Pennastucky)



I absolutely LOVED this scene! Especially considering that Tiffany had not really cared about what she had done and was acting so ridiculous, I was glad that someone finally said something. Although it didn’t have much of an impact, the sassiness conveyed was more than enough.

No. 4 – Sophia breaks Healy’s nodding dog

tumblr_mqgdz0vBrg1qeaf6zo6_250What I loved most about this was it’s context. Healy wouldn’t raise her oestrogen dosage because of his prejudices, claiming that she couldn’t see a doctor because it wasn’t an emergency, so Sophia fought back very simply by creating one. I love this scene because of how much I hate Healy and how much I love Sophia for shoving his rules away.

No. 3 – “This ain’t The fuckin’ Help, bitch…”


“…But you will eat my shit!” Another one of Taystee’s amazing one-liners, during the WAC Pack campaigns agains Tiffany. I loved this purely because of how much Taystee does remind me of Minny Jackson from the help, which made this absolutely hilarious.

No. 2 – Piper beating the shit out of Tiffany



Okay, if you watched this scene and did not think to yourself “FINALLY!” then you should never speak to me again or you clearly weren’t thinking. I was so glad when Piper finally stood up for herself and beat Tiffany down. Amen to that!

And finally….

tumblr_mrc19istnr1qef56wo8_250No. 1 – White People Politics

I will never be able to watch the scene with Poussey and Taystee making fun of Sophia’s pledges for the WAC campaigns without crying with laughter. Absolutely amazing!

So those were my top ten moments from season one – what about you guys? Do you have anything different that you found extremely hilarious? And will you be tuning in next week for Season Two? Leave it in the comments below! Also if you liked this post please do give the ‘like’ button a click and follow me for more.

Love always,

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