Film Review: Devil’s Due (Some General Spoilers)

Hiya Readers!

So as the title suggests, today I’m going to be reviewing the recently released Horror Film, ‘Devil’s Due‘. If you haven’t seen it, I’d suggest being careful, I’ll probably have some spoilers in this but they’ll be very generic 🙂 The trailer is below, so do feel free to watch it  before reading on!


So the story is about this married couple, Zach and Sam (Samantha) who go on honeymoon to the Dominican Republic and it looks really fun and stuff except on the last night things get weird. They visit this ominous voodoo/fortune teller who creeps Sam out and so they leave. But of course, they’re lost and not quite sure how to get back to their hotel. This is where that overused-to-death shady taxi trope is used; lo and behold, the couple get on a shady taxi. The driver insists on taking them to this club that he knows of. They go into this weird ass club which looks seemingly normal except Sam is taken away and some weird ritual is performed on her when she is drugged (possibly through a spiked drink).

Anyway they wake up in the hotel room and go home, where Sam reveals to Zach that she’s pregnant despite taking the pill “religiously”. Hmm I wonder what could have caused this crazy mis-happen-stance?? Anyhoo, so they’re shocked but happy and as the film progresses, we follow Sam’s pregnancy which gets weirder and weirder. She becomes more aggressive, neurotic, moody and starts acting strange- eating raw meat besides being a vegetarian, smashing some random guy’s car window and eviscerating goats. Lovely stuff.

Now we soon find out that the baby is actually a devil-child or an antichrist, which is really cheerful, especially as the couple have to go to a Communion when Sam’s 8 months in. The priest begins to cough up blood and faints after he looks at Sam in the eyes. Now at this point can we just take a moment to question why Sam hadn’t made anyone else aggressively cough up their organs, however she was so easily in control of the man of God- who’s faith must surely be stronger? Nope, just me? Anyway- at this point dear old Zach realises something is wrong *better late than never?* and tries to do something.

Except when he gets involved it gets so much worse. But that’s all I’m telling you because you need to watch it to find out the rest.


I felt as though the plot lacked, a lot. It wasn’t really that original, remember Rosemary’s Baby? And I suppose it kinda could link to Paranormal Activity. It plays with elements of the occult and the hellish which, in my opinion, can get quite tiresome and there’s also very little you can do with it. Don’t get me wrong though, if it’s done correctly, then I love it. But I mean, okay- she got pregnant by the devil, okay she caused a stir in the church and yes her behaviour changed- but was it honestly an original, interesting and most importantly different plot? Not really. The only thing we saw in the movie were the stages of pregnancy and the effects brought about by bearing the Devil’s baby. I will say props to them for trying, though- it’s not easy.

So naturally what happened is that we had about 70 minutes of Sam’s pregnancy and some occasional bouts of scary here and there, and it got quite dull very quickly. And just when you think about leaving because of the monstrosity that is the £6.50 student discount price to watch the film, it begins to get scary and the plot thickens! So much mixed feelings there. There were plotholes- like what happened to their baby? What about Zach? Their family, there must have been some repercussions in what happened? You get the point.

Also I wasn’t too happy with the characterisation. What makes a regular horror film to a good horror film is the characters. Take the Woman in Black- I loved the characterisation of Arthur- I empathised with him and felt sorry for him which is why his ending affected me in such a hard-hitting way. With Devil’s Due the characters were flat and unrealistic. None of them had much personality save Zach, who had a certain quirk when it came to cameras. However this doesn’t pardon him- I still felt it was stupidly unrealistic when he actually found out that Sam was pregnant with this devil child. Surrealism is key to scaring people because when we leave the cinema we think shit, this could happen. Devil’s Due had such a good platform but it simply didn’t deliver.

So in conclusion, I’m gonna give this a two and a half star rating. It was weak- in terms of plot and characterisation, but there were some disturbing parts and me and my friends did get quite the scare, so I suppose it achieved it’s aim to a certain extent.

That’s just my opinion though- let me know what you guys think! Did you see it and what did you think of it? If you’ve not seen it, will you, based on my review? Leave it in the comments section below and as always,


Suhail x


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