American Horror Story Coven: Which Witch? (Spoilers!)

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So I am EXTREMELY excited for the American Horror Story: Coven season finale tomorrow (Wednesday, January 29)! Today’s post will be me reviewing all the witches who are in the running for the title, “Supreme” and saying who I think it should go to. For those of you who don’t watch the show, it’s really great and I suggest you do so ASAP! And if you’re not caught up with season 3 then I would strongly recommend reader discretion as there may be spoilers to come!


madisonMadison is seemingly one of the more powerful witches of Miss Robichaux’s Academy, mostly because she gets a lot of screen time, which is why we see a lot of her powers. Recently we saw her developing her Transmutation skills which let’s be honest, was pretty cool. Her confidence has been gaining and she is becoming more powerful (well, until Misty beat her ass down), but in all you’d expect her to be up as a favourite for Supreme.

But I don’t think it’ll be her for many reasons. She’s desperate to be supreme and the writers have made that increasingly obvious, which makes her less likely to get it -Ryan Murphy for you ladies and gentlemen. Also we’ve seen her elaborate plans to stop whoever she thinks is a threat fail, such as trying to kill Misty which was an unmitigated failure. Also, I don’t know if anyone else thinks so but if Madison was supreme, she’d just be another Fiona Goode, and the whole plot would be pointless (maybe the writers will make her supreme and be another Fiona just to spite us) and the coven wouldn’t have gained anything.



Zoe, Zoe, Zoe. Her character remains a mystery to me. Despite being the (seemingly) central character of this season (given that it started with her arrival into Miss Robichaux’s and follows her really, really weird love story with Kyle while she comes to terms with her being a witch), I realise we know actually very little about her. She seems to be powerful (as displayed on various occasions) and somewhat intuitive (she knew exactly which book and which incantation was needed to free the axeman) which are great qualities for a supreme. Also, she’s spunky and bold and unlike some of the others, she genuinely cares for the Coven. Unlike some others (cough cough, Madison, Queenie) she has implicitly suggested she doesn’t want to be supreme for the power, but rather for the good of the coven (I don’t know, this is what I assume).

But again, I think it’s unlikely she’ll become supreme for almost the opposite reason to Madison. Everyone likes her. When I say that I don’t mean she is loved by everyone (she can annoy me to hell at times) but no one has a valid reason to hate her. She’s been a favourite, the expected supreme (from the fans). In my opinion, I think Murphy is fully aware of this and therefore won’t make her supreme. It’s too predictable, too simple. If anything, Murphy likes himself a good plot twist and Zoe here isn’t one.


queenieAnd so we move on to Queenie. Queenie’s a strange one- the only black witch in Fiona’s coven, something which doesn’t really make a difference (because really? Fiona gave Queenie her own personal slave- she’s a lot of things but clearly a racist is not one) but she’s kinda made it into a huge issue which to be honest, made me lose a lot of respect for her. I initially was pleased by her, a sassy character that didn’t take Madison’s bullshit but I think things have changed now and Queenie’s almost become more serious about becoming supreme since Fiona’s powers have deteriorated.

I definitely don’t think Queenie will become the supreme. She’d make such a bad one- firstly Queenie abandoned the coven to join Marie Laveau which is not cool because if there’s anything I’ve learned from this TV show is that you stick with your coven and even Madison hung about for Christ’s sake. I honestly think that Queenie doesn’t care for the coven and if she becomes Supreme, it’ll be some sick joke from the writers.


Okay so this is Misty, known as the “dumb swamp witch” although recently she’s proven that she’s A- not dumb and B- not a swamp witch as she’s found a place in the coven. Misty has the unique power of resurgence- bringing people and animals back to life, and this makes her an extremely powerful contender for supreme- though you wouldn’t guess it from her personality:  she’s a very down-to-Earth, calm and less bitchy (besides her occasional bouts of badass).

At first Misty really didn’t seem like she could lead the coven, in fact she admitted that she didn’t want to be supreme. But I feel like she’s accepted that she could be supreme and infact has a good chance. I consider her to be the underdog in a sense, as she has a sense of power to her but I don’t think it’s been fully explored (besides her resurrecting people, we don’t really see her do much more). In all honesty? I reckon she’ll do well in the seven wonders, but won’t become supreme. Don’t get me wrong, Misty Fans, I am one of you- I’d be uber happy if she becomes supreme but, something tells me she’d rather be a free spirit, rather than a leader.


myrtleMyrtle is one of the elders of the Coven, childhood friends (not really) with Fiona. Myrtle, bless her, always had her eyes on Fiona’s spot and knew all the horrible things Fiona did, but despite all her efforts, Fiona managed to slip away and Myrtle grew to become a strange old lady. A member of the Witches’ Council, Myrtle is powerful, and we all kind of know that she wants Supreme. It would make sense to be honest, she’s done a lot for the coven, including teaching at Miss Robichaux’s Academy. This plus she’s envied/spited/tried to kill Fiona on multiple occasions would you be surprised if she says in episode 13 that she wants to compete in the wonders, too?

However I don’t think she’d become supreme, even if she does take part in the Seven Wonders. It wouldn’t serve much purpose because I think that she hasn’t outwardly displayed any indication of taking part, so it would just be another spanner in the works. Plus she isn’t really supreme-material? I mean she’s got a strange dress sense and a weird musical instrument (don’t forget some beautiful one-liners) but I think that’s her place in the coven. No Myrtle, your job is to stay alive for one more episode and continue being weird.



Last but most certainly not least- Cordelia. Daughter of the Ex-Supreme, Fiona Goode, and teacher of the girls at Miss Robichaux’s Academy, Cordelia is an often glossed over character and contender for the title of Supreme. I mean recently she lost her sight and gained the sight (like visions) and then got her sight back but then blinded herself in order to rekindle her sight. Yup it’s confusing and strange but hey, live and let live.

Anyway, ever since she lost her sight she’s become a lot more headstrong and has actually begun to lead the coven. This, plus Misty telling her that she makes a good leader could be foreshadowing that Delia is actually the true supreme? I mean, out of all the girls, she probably cares most about the coven and it’s fate so honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if she becomes the supreme.

So anyway, my prediction is that either Cordelia or Misty will become supreme, though Zoe has a good chance. I wouldn’t bet on Queenie nor Madison, but hey, it’s all I can do to make theories. But what do you think? Who do you want to see as Supreme and who would you absolutely hate to see? Leave your opinions in the comments below 🙂


Suhail x


2 thoughts on “American Horror Story Coven: Which Witch? (Spoilers!)

  1. I completely agree with this theory. I’ve always hoped that either Misty or Cordelia would be the supreme.Thanks for posting this! So excited for tonight xx

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