This Week in Entertainment: Justin Bieber, Game of Thrones and Oscars

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So many exciting things happened this week which I want to talk about- this includes Justin Bieber’s antics, the release of HBO’s Game of Thrones Season 4 trailer and the Academy Award nominations! So this post will mainly cover the three topics, hopefully each in a little detail. Also, another exciting thing that happened this week was my 18th Birthday! Yes, today I turn 18, which is super-exciting (though I feel no different but hey)! I’ll be making another post about my birthday soon (probably Monday) but for now, let’s talk about this week in entertainment!

Justin Bieber

So he’s been pretty irritating over last year and clearly he’s continuing with this onto 2014. Now if you’re a Bieber fan then I apologise, but this is my blog so I’ll call it how it is. The most recent things that he’s been in the news are firstly is what the media have coined as “Egg-Gate:2014”; egging his neigbhour’s house, resulting in 20k worth of damage. Let’s start with 20k. How on earth can you cause $20,000 of damage by egging a house? Surely he must have known that what he was doing was morally wrong? Or is that too high an expectation. Anyway this led to many comments from celebrities (be it tweets or spoken word) including Josh Peck , Nick Jonas  and Joel McHale who was asked by Conan O’Brien why he thinks JB did what he did, to which McHale replied with “Because he’s a f—ing idiot”. You’d think Bieber would get the hint but not necessarily yet.

Bieber also was accused of framing his rapper friend Lil Za. Police found cocaine in the house which both of them live in, and arrested Za for it. Now as a person of colour, I firstly decided I wouldn’t say anything yet but stars such as Drake Bell and Jared Padalecki spoke out, and this caused a huge riot. Beliebers all decided they’d boycott the show Supernatural (which Jared stars in), and fans from both sides literally declared war. Was it worth the unrest, Jared? Probably not, but I think what he said was true and honestly, I think Justin needs to sit down and sort himself down because he is all kinds of mess right now.

Game of Thrones


So onto something more pleasant, the first official trailer for Game of Thrones’ 4th season was released earlier this week! It gives us the first glance of season four, and we see many, many things, including Joffrey and Margaery (just saying), new character Oberyn Martell (pictured next to Varys) who I can’t wait to see on the scren, and if I say so myself, it looks great!

For those of you who don’t watch Game of Thrones, I fully recommend it (though I feel obliged to say it’s not for younger eyes). It’s a really intelligent, complicated and gripping story with an excellent cast, and it’s the accompanying TV series to the epic fantas novels, A Song of Ice and Fire by George R R Martin. I tried reading and watching at the same time but the show was just waaaay to good, I had to leave the book behind (please don’t hate me). But yeah, unfortunately, Season Four doesn’t release till April 6th, so still got a lot of waiting to do.

Also, if anyone wants to watch the trailer but hasn’t seen it yet, The link is right here: 🙂

Academy Award Nominations

So for those of you keeping up with the Oscars will probably know that the Nominations have been released! If anyone missed them, you can find them here:


American Hustle and Gravity both earn 10 nominations each, with 12 Years a Slave being nominated for 9. Captain Phillips, Nebraska and Dallas Buyers Club have six nominations apiece. This year seems to be quite the competition, with many notable nominations.

Alfonso Cuarón (Gravity) and Spike Jonze (Her) both are nominated thrice, Woody Allen receives a 16th nomination for Best Original Screenplay (Blue Jasmine), beating his own record from two years ago! Similarly, Meryl Streep receives her 18th acting nomination for August: Osage County again breaking her own record of 17 from two years ago!

Jennifer Lawrence (pictured above) receives her third nomination for American Hustle, making her the youngest person to receive the most Academy Award nominations (Winter’s Bone, Silver Linings Playbook). The previous holder of this title, Teresa Wright was 24 when she received her third nomination in 1942. Also, should Frozen’s Robert Lopez win his nomination of Best Original Song, he joins the elite EGOT group of Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony award winners which currently consists of only 11 members; Richard Rodgers, Helen Hayes, Rita Moreno, John Gielgud, Audrey Hepburn, Marvin Hamlisch, Jonathan Tunick,Mel Brooks, Mike Nichols, Whoopi Goldberg and Scott Rudin.

So yeah, loads of cool stuff going on in the entertainment sector, so I leave you readers with three questions.

  1. What’s your opinion on Bieber’s antics? Are celebrities right to slam him or not?
  2. Do you watch Game of Thrones? If yes, have you seen the trailer? How pumped are you for Season 4?
  3. What are your predictions for the Academy Awards? Who do you think will come out with the most awards?

Leave your answers in the comments section below, and if you enjoyed, please ‘like’ and ‘follow’ me, I really appreciate it! Also, if you think a friend will enjoy this, please share it!


Suhail x


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