To Work or not to Work?

Hi Readers!

So I’m oping you’re all still here, I know I haven’t posted in such a long time, and I am SO sorry!



After the Christmas break I went back to school and was bombarded with allsorts of work that I hadn’t done (whoops?) This included several essays, some homework and also the first draft of my history coursework (which I finished the night before/morning of, I’m pretty proud). All this messing around with work led me to put aside blogging for a while which really sucks because I love blogging. But anyway, I’m back on track and should (hopefully) be blogging now!

So due to my unprecedented disappearance and subsequent return, this blog is going to be about work and overworking yourself. Now I have no clue how to have a good work-life balance so here’s what NOT to do if you want to juggle work and life at the same time!

1. Don’t take extra shifts on part time jobs!

It’s not just me who can’t say no, right? Whenever a manager or colleague asks me to cover a shift, I physically have to drag my teeth to say no. I don’t know if it’s just because I feel bad or whatever but I already work 8-10 hour shifts weekly and so I don’t need more! It may not sound much but add it on to extra-curricular, schoolwork and personal life and then it get’s a slight bit over the top.

2. Don’t leave your work till the last minute (unless there’s a really good TV show you need to catch up on)

So personally, work is left last minute with me for a variety of reasons. Firstly, I’ll think I have a free period before it’s due in so that’ll be a perfect time to do it! (Until I realise that I was looking on the wrong day and the homework is due in first lesson, it’s happened – quite recently). I also am known to go on TV marathons, where I only intend to watch one or two episodes  and then end up spending five hours staring into my laptop screen while slowly devouring everything that’s in the fridge (American Horror Story, Supernatural, Game of Thrones- I’m talking to you). This obviously ruins my intricately constructed plan of doing my homework after watching two episodes and thus leads me working into the dead of night and early in the morning, leaving my work substandard and myself a mess in the morning.


I’m quite involved in student body and stuff so I have a lot of work outside of schoolwork and work-work. I’m usually running around trying to organise events and fundraisers which let me tell you know, is not easy. It’s very taxing, it involves working with people (who 75% of the time don’t appreciate what you do) and it just leaves you completely frustrated when things don’t go as planned. Sure, it looks great for future employers and is really rewarding but bear in mind that almost everyone you know (parents, siblings) will not appreciate nor understand your efforts.

4. Don’t spend all your time doing nothing useful

Without sounding harsh… your work! I’m such a hypocrite though, because of all the people in the world, I could procrastinate for Britain. Watching TV, going out, *mutters* blogging, all takes up valuable time that you could be using to study. That doesn’t mean don’t have a social life, just get the balance right (which is so hard, let it be known that I’ve been trying to get the formula right for so many years). I remember once I had a lesson in the computer room because we had a research task so naturally I spent it all on tumblr reblogging endless gifsets. It didn’t play well when my teacher came back at the end of the lesson to see my research and I was the only one with nothing to hand her. Yup, procrastination for the win.

No but seriously guys. I know studying is literally the worst thing in the world and it’s super hard to do when you have a life but we have to try, I suppose. If you have any other tips, leave them in the comments below and also let me know if you suffer similar problems to me when it comes to balancing life and work! As always, thank you for reading and if you liked this, click the like button or share this with your friends!


Suhail x


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