Childhood Memories

Hiya readers!


So today is my elder brother’s birthday, he turns 20. On the picture above, he’s on the right and I’m on the left. I think that picture was taken when he was about six and I was four. With him turning 20 (no longer a teenager) we spent some time feeling nostalgic about when we were kids, so thought I’d dedicate this post to him, even though he doesn’t read my blog but ah well, c’est la vie and all that.

So, I am one of four children. I have one older brother and a younger brother and sister. When I was young, me and my older brother spent a lot of time together.  My little brother was premature and was very sickly as a child so for the majority of the time I would play with my older brother and we spent a lot of time together (hence the snazzy matching shirts in the picture above).  Now my older brother had a…knack, for getting into accidents and this was a frequent occurrence, I’m afraid to say.

I remember one incident, when we were very young (I don’t remember our exact ages, but I know our sister wasn’t born and my little brother was still a young infant), our parents had gone out. So at home, me and my older brother were watching Disney’s Prince and the Pauper (a classic, would recommend) while the Nanny was bathing my little brother.  My older brother, being my older brother, was so excited by the action in the movie he was jumping around the living room too- just general mucking about that’s normal in kids. This would have been okay if we didn’t have a beautiful glass coffee table in between the sofa and the TV.

The accident was just waiting to happen. My older brother must have slipped (or actually jumped, I don’t quite remember) onto the table, falling straight through it and thus shattering the glass which proceeded to fly everywhere, including into my feet. I remember having shards of glass dug on my feet which made it hard for me to walk anywhere and my older brother’s leg was badly injured. It was not a pleasant experience, I’ll tell you that.

So anyway the Nanny comes out with my little brother and screams at the scene, but the thing is she couldn’t call my parents as they didn’t have a mobile. It was lucky that my parents, for some reason, left early and got home not too long after this, so they were able to take us to the hospital. Besides a few stitches for me (and a great deal more for my brother) no lasting damage was done, so we were just left with this story that we both vividly remember till date. It’s one of those things that was horrific when it happened, but when you look back on it, you can’t help but laugh at the situation.

My question for you guys today is twofold. Firstly, do you have any siblings? And secondly, what’s the most memorable experience you’ve had with them as a kid. And not just any ordinary one, but that one that you always remember when you’re feeling nostalgic. Let me know in the comments below, and see if yours is worse than mine!

Lots of love,

Suhail x


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