Sherlock: The Empty Hearse – A Spoiler Free Review

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Hello again beautiful readers!

So as you may know, the 1st of January marked the season 3 premiere of the acclaimed BBC TV show Sherlock, a modern rendition based loosely upon the stories of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. For those of you who don’t watch the show, I apologise wholeheartedly but I need to get this off my chest. I initially planned for this to be a full spoiler-filled review but upon realising that most of my readers are in America and it hasn’t aired there yet, I’ve decided I’ll keep this one spoiler-free 😀

Sherlock’s ‘death’

Now obviously we know Sherlock is still alive, and the question everyone wanted answering was how did he do it? I’m not gonna tell you how he did it but let me say this. We find out. And we love it. Well I loved it. I mean, some people were really good at predicting it, and some people were waaaay off but the way in which they introduce all the conspiracy theories actually in the show is really interesting and brings a whole new meta-concept into the show, which I think is good as we don’t really see it much in other shows.


I mean, some people argue that it was too predictable but bollocks to that, I say. I feel like it was well executed, and almost not what you expected. But I suppose in hindsight, if you rewatch The Reichenbach Fall perhaps you could have pieced it together very carefully (Challenge: if you haven’t watched The Empty Hearse yet, go back and watch The Reichenbach Fall again and make a theory. Watch the latest episode and see how well you did!) But in all, a well done for piecing together how Sherlock lives.

Sherlock and John: The Johnstache and Character Development

Sherlock’s character development in this episode is what I loved about it most. When I watch seasons 1 and 2 I can’t help but think about how much of an arse Sherlock is, but I feel with the Empty Hearse we see a somewhat different side to Sherlock, and it’s beautiful. I feel like as a person I like him a lot better (without giving away too much) and this is really good character development because it shows how his relationship with other characters (Molly, Mycroft, Lestrade, etc.) has really matured and is a lot less stiff.


Now, the Johnstache. It was actually one of my favourite things in this episode (no, don’t get me wrong, it does Martin no favours) due to the comic aspect it added into the episode. It was the product of much irony and jokes from the characters, and it added this whole new dimension and element of comedy to the show which we haven’t seen before (one could argue that similar comic tones were seen in A Scandal in Belgravia) but I feel like this episode took it to a whole new level. It was funny but kept the class of the show, and didn’t reduce it which I thought was really well done, because the last thing we want is for the show to compromise it’s class. But I must admit, the comedy nods were very refreshing and excellent.

The Plot

I would say that this episode lacked slightly in the plot. I mean, I loved the episode, and I felt like it’s main function was to bring the watchers up to date with what had happened since Sherlock’s death and also how Sherlock did it. Bearing in mind that this took up quite a bit of time, I feel as though the plot was a little weaker than what would be expected. I mean, if you look at the scene inside the train for example (people who haven’t seen it yet, you’ll probably understand what I mean when you watch it) I feel as though it was rushed and finished almost hastily and it left me feeling like “oh, that was it?” but that’s just me, you may have loved it. Let me know what you thought in the comments!


Was it worth the two year wait? Yes, definitely. I’d do it again if I had to! I think it was a really great season premiere and I think one of it’s redeeming features is that however many tears we shed in the Season 2 finale, was made up in laughter with the premiere of Season 3. Therefore, I award Sherlock Season 3, Episode 1 with a hearty four-and-a-half stars!


So that’s all from me today. Do you agree with my review? Let me know in the comments or on the poll and as always, thanks for reading!


Suhail x


4 thoughts on “Sherlock: The Empty Hearse – A Spoiler Free Review

  1. I agree with you on the plot. Yes, it was lacking in that department and especially on the train i was half worried to death and half ‘Sherlock really?’ if you get what I mean. However, i think that the episode was to bring us back as well as bring Sherlock back. We had both been gone two year, we both needed to get used to London again, we both needed to connect with the characters again and we had to start solving mysteries again. Overall the episode was really good and I cant wait for for the rest to come 🙂

    • Yes, exactly so I think I can excuse the plot for being less than what I expected for that, I just hope they don’t make a habit out of it? I’m sure they won’t but it was worth mentioning.

  2. I think I’d have to agree with you on the whole plot issue, not that it was much of an issue, I just feel that it was an extremely quick end from something that was supposed to be such a big event that it cause Mycroft to bring back Sherlock. I just could have been handled a little better I guess with some more explanation or focus upon it and Moran perhaps. But it was something I’d been waiting for for two years and I was so happy to see it come back so I feel I can excuse this plot detail for the first episode :’)

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