Gay Rights?

Hello my lovely readers!


So, this post is going to be slightly more serious than my previous entries that I’ve written. Recently, the whole “gay rights” issue has been popping up in the media, with the attempts of the legalisation of gay marriage and it’s recognition in the eyes of court/law. Also, a few weeks ago was Pride Week, where many members of the LGBTQ+ community and their straight allies celebrated homosexuality and showcased their pride on being gay.

But we see a lot of homophobia against the idea of homosexuality in general, and the notion of gays getting married. Do the people who are so fervently against the concept of two men in love have any valid argument against homosexuality? Well that’s what this post will look into! Do anti-LGBTQ+ protesters have any grounds for their  claims?

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Top 10 Moments of Orange Is The New Black: Season One

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See, I’m already posting regularly(ish) now! This post is a really special one for a TV show I absolutely adoreOrange is the New Black. If you haven’t watched it already, then I suggest you stop right now and go watch it! Although, I do recommend discretion, there’s a lot of violence/nudity and stuff so yeah. But, if you do watch it, you’ll know that the new series comes out in a week today! That’s June 6th, for anyone wondering! So, in order to celebrate the second season coming out, I’ve picked my top ten moments from season one, below!

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TV Review: Salem, Faking It and Penny Dreadful

Hello Readers!


So it’s been ridiculously long since I last posted an entry (for which I apologise profusely) but I was busy with other stuff, mainly school and exams, but with exam season almost over, I decided to write a post (because I really felt bad for not posting in so long) :(

So, over the past month (and a bit) we’ve seen the rise of a few new TV shows, which I’ve been watching. I personally have taken major interests in Salem (WGN), Faking It (MTV) and Penny Dreadful (Showtime) I’m really honestly not sure how many of you guys have been keeping up with any of these (if at all), but I’ll give a quick review for you guys so that maybe you’ll consider (or not) watching them! Also, be kinda warned for some spoilers, but they’ll be really generic – stuff you’ll find out in the first episodes!


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Film Review: Devil’s Due (Some General Spoilers)

Hiya Readers!

So as the title suggests, today I’m going to be reviewing the recently released Horror Film, ‘Devil’s Due‘. If you haven’t seen it, I’d suggest being careful, I’ll probably have some spoilers in this but they’ll be very generic :) The trailer is below, so do feel free to watch it  before reading on!

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American Horror Story Coven: Which Witch? (Spoilers!)

Hellooo Readers!


So I am EXTREMELY excited for the American Horror Story: Coven season finale tomorrow (Wednesday, January 29)! Today’s post will be me reviewing all the witches who are in the running for the title, “Supreme” and saying who I think it should go to. For those of you who don’t watch the show, it’s really great and I suggest you do so ASAP! And if you’re not caught up with season 3 then I would strongly recommend reader discretion as there may be spoilers to come!

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This Week in Entertainment: Justin Bieber, Game of Thrones and Oscars

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So many exciting things happened this week which I want to talk about- this includes Justin Bieber’s antics, the release of HBO’s Game of Thrones Season 4 trailer and the Academy Award nominations! So this post will mainly cover the three topics, hopefully each in a little detail. Also, another exciting thing that happened this week was my 18th Birthday! Yes, today I turn 18, which is super-exciting (though I feel no different but hey)! I’ll be making another post about my birthday soon (probably Monday) but for now, let’s talk about this week in entertainment!

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To Work or not to Work?

Hi Readers!

So I’m oping you’re all still here, I know I haven’t posted in such a long time, and I am SO sorry!



After the Christmas break I went back to school and was bombarded with allsorts of work that I hadn’t done (whoops?) This included several essays, some homework and also the first draft of my history coursework (which I finished the night before/morning of, I’m pretty proud). All this messing around with work led me to put aside blogging for a while which really sucks because I love blogging. But anyway, I’m back on track and should (hopefully) be blogging now!

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Childhood Memories

Hiya readers!


So today is my elder brother’s birthday, he turns 20. On the picture above, he’s on the right and I’m on the left. I think that picture was taken when he was about six and I was four. With him turning 20 (no longer a teenager) we spent some time feeling nostalgic about when we were kids, so thought I’d dedicate this post to him, even though he doesn’t read my blog but ah well, c’est la vie and all that.

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Sherlock: The Empty Hearse – A Spoiler Free Review

sherlock cap

Hello again beautiful readers!

So as you may know, the 1st of January marked the season 3 premiere of the acclaimed BBC TV show Sherlock, a modern rendition based loosely upon the stories of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. For those of you who don’t watch the show, I apologise wholeheartedly but I need to get this off my chest. I initially planned for this to be a full spoiler-filled review but upon realising that most of my readers are in America and it hasn’t aired there yet, I’ve decided I’ll keep this one spoiler-free :D

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10 films I’m looking forward to in 2014

Happy New Year, readers!

So I was watching The Avengers (beautiful movie) last night in order to kickstart 2014- I’m not cool enough for the parties- and me and a friend were talking about some of the great movies we’re expecting to see on the big screen this year! So without further ado, here are my top ten films I’m looking forward to for 2014:

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